Wyke x Platts Collaboration

We recently received an invitation to visit Wyke Vehicle Wrap in Manchester, where Platts Transport lorries go from dull to dramatic, wrapped in their recognisable livery. Wyke Vehicle Wrap is a service that provides corporate signs and vehicle wrapping to clients all across the UK. They work with businesses to understand their requirements and produce everything required internally, bringing concepts to life in graphics that are ready to be applied by their skilled crew based in Manchester. 

Picture taken by Craig Eccleston

We have an excellent working relationship with Wyke Sign and Graphics, and over the past 5 years, they have wrapped 26 of our tractor units, 10 of which are in our new Platts Transport design, which was introduced only last year. 

Wyke work with a range of customers, from owner-drivers that want their own custom-made truck design and wrap, to 8000-vehicle Nationwide bluechip companies.

We would like to thank Ben Wyke, Managing Director at Wyke Sign and Graphics for inviting us up to film and taking the time out of his day to show us around.  

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