The Top 6 Truck Gadgets Platts Transport Recommends…

HGV’s are full of modern technology which makes for more efficient driving, safer and more comfortable journeys. Our units at Platts Transport are well customised, with up-to-date gadgets and features…

Read on to find out our top 6 picks….

Sat Nav 

Firstly, the trusty sat-nav. It gets you from A to B quickly, efficiently, and as safely as possible. This gadget is a must-have for HGV drivers, specifically programmed for heavy goods vehicles, to ensure drivers arrive at their drop-off using the most appropriate roads for their vehicle size. These sat-nav’s also include such information at fuel stations, parking spots, and service stations for drivers along their route when needed. Powered by 4G sim cards, the sat-navs Platts use are multi-functional tablets that are also used for completing walk-round checks and receiving jobs from the Transport office just to name a few of the features.  

Platts Transport currently uses the Tom Tom satnavs as their satnavs of choice for their HGV’s, offering a live time tracking system, giving accurate location information and the driver’s ETA to our planning team. This means we can update the customer with an arrival time, giving more freedom to our customers to carry on with work. 

2. Mirror Cams

Our second gadget that Platts Transport drivers use day-to-day is the mirror-cams in the new Mercedes-Benz Actros truck units. The mirror cams are new state-of-the-art technology and consist of two cameras which are mounted on the left and right roof frame of the HGV. Controls are located in the door module and the secondary display, as well as two upright monitors installed on the driver’s cab A-pillars. There are also buttons installed next to the passenger side and the bed to switch the MirrorCam’s on when the engine is switched off.

The two 15.2-inch high resolution monitors receive the images sent by the cameras, separated into a main and wide-angle field of vision, similar to the conventional mirror system. The new mirror cams are fantastic pieces of technology for a variety of reasons which include its sideguard assist- a warning system that helps the driver prevent dangerous right-turn accidents, and fewer blind spot problems. With some drivers unintentionally traveling with mirrors that are not set up correctly for different views, and monitoring at rest – the mirror cams can be switched on for a further two minutes from the driver’s cab even when the engine is turned off giving the driver a better view for exiting the vehicle. This technology gives the driver the best view possible and offers much more than conventional main and wide-angle mirrors can.  

3. Dash Cam 

Next up, a non-negotiable. All Platts Transport HGVs are equipped with a dash cam. Complimenting the sat-nav, a dash cam can serve to keep you safe while on the road, and a sat-nav will help you reach where you need to go. With more people than ever on the roads, dash cam footage provides an employer or insurance company unbiased proof of what occurred and who was responsible, so that a fair conclusion can be made. Dash cams have come to the aid of some HGV drivers who could have been put at fault for an accident when in fact it wasn’t their fault and avoids disputes.  

Platts Transport HGVs are equipped with a panic button that is linked to the dash cam, which when activated by a driver, automatically alerts the Transport office of the activity in the moments prior to activation, who can use it as proof in the event of an accident or other problems faced on the roads. 

4. Stereo 

This time, a standard! Can’t be without a stereo, perfect for those long days out on the roads. Offering drivers a variety of FM radio, digital radio, and Bluetooth connectivity, drivers can tune in to their favourite channel whilst on the move. Some of our drivers have been known to have a singsong to Heart radio on their way, or get into a podcast series.

5. Hands-Free Kit 

All Platts Transport HGVs are equipped with hands-free kit. The Hands-free kit can be used by drivers to ring ahead of their drop-off to let the customer know their time of arrival. Despite smartphones being such an essential part of life in 2023, it is imperative that you refrain from using them while operating a motor vehicle, both whilst driving personally and professionally, as per the law. A hands-free kit may include an earpiece or if connected to the HGV it will come through the speakers of the HGV. A recent survey revealed that the majority of truckers ranked their hands-free systems among their top 3 favourite devices. 

6. Mounted fridge/freezer

Our sixth set of gadgets that Platts Transport use day to day is the mounted fridge/freezer. These come in handy with drivers who are stopping out overnight, giving drivers everything they need to be able to store food for the week ahead, ready for dinner when parked up on an evening, and plenty of snacks. Our Scania even has a coffee machine built-in, for those times when caffeination is required!

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