Is the future of Heavy Goods Transport almost here with Electric lorries? 

Tevva, a UK manufacturer and developer of clean vehicles are aiming to sell 1000 electric trucks this year after recently having UK and European approval which it announced in their latest press release. Could this be the future for the transport industry?  

Some of the UK’s leading businesses like Royal Mail and Travis Perkin are set to receive delivery of their 7.5-tonne-battery-electric trucks in the coming months. As these trucks currently are fully electric, their range is currently only 140 miles from the 105KWh battery. These lorries are ideal for local and urban deliveries. But what about longer journeys we hear you ask? The company have also announced to follow the EV truck there will be a 7.5t hydrogen electric truck coming soon, which will use hydrogen fuel cells to extend the vehicles range up to 354 miles.   

The recent approval in the UK and the EU means that Tevva can producing and selling their vehicles in volume to customers and will be joining the likes of Renault, DAF and Volvo some of the biggest vehicle manufacturers in the UK who currently offer electric vehicles.  

Tesco added its first electric Vehicle to its fleet back in August 2022- a Renault truck – now delivering to more then 400 stores in Greater London. With a range of up to 130 miles, this suits urban areas well. By making the switch of just one of Tesco’s vehicles they will be saving around 23 tonnes of CO2 annually.  Quite an achievement we’re sure you’ll agree.  

Unfortunatley, in more rural areas, or for longer delivery routes, electric just isn’t currently viable. With these issues in mind, Platts Transport Limited have recently upgraded a number of vehicles in the fleet with three new Volvo FH 500’s and five new Mercedes- Benz Actros Ls trucks. Both vehicles have newer engines designed to be more economical with gear changes and offer the company more fuel efficient vehicles which supports its environmental and sustainability goals. All Platts vehicles are renewed on a 4-yearly basis, to keep up with the newest and most efficient technologies.

With a variety of electric vehicles as company vehicles, sister company Platts Agriculture has already made the transition. Platts Transport is closely monitoring the electric vehicle market’s growth for HGV’s. 

Could Platts Transport replace some of their fleet in the coming years given that electric vehicles are almost here and hydrogen vehicles are on the way? Only time will tell!