Introducing Platts Transport

Platts Transport was born in 2020, out of a year of challenges – a global pandemic, Brexit and HGV Driver shortages to name a few! We’re delighted to launch our new website, showcasing our services and team.

With years of experience in running our own Transport department at the Platts Group, we quickly offered our haulage services to support businesses who needed logistics services during the first lockdown in Spring 2020, initially to support our own workforce and safeguard jobs, and since continuing to support the industry, building strong sub-contractor relationships which have flourished.

As a result, two years on, Platts Transport Limited now operates as a standalone business- still supporting sister-company Platts Agriculture Limited, as well as offering services to the wider general haulage market.

The Platts Group will be celebrating 50 years in 2023 – and to date, much of our success can be attributed to our strong and resilient Transport division, and supported by DVSA-approved Platts Commercial Services Limited.

In keeping with our agricultural roots, the branding and colour scheme of our new vehicles give a nod to our heritage, from countryside to urban areas- reflecting the services we provide. Standing by our values of pride, passion, trust, and loyalty, we are keen to continue offering the highest of transport services to a growing customer base.

Under the direction of Managing Director Chris Whittaker, third-generation of the Platts family, we are committed to continuing to provide the best transportation services to a clientele that is expanding. Platts Transport offers reliable transport services with our growing fleet of now 21 artics, 4 rigids, and a hook loader. Working several shift schedules, including 4 on/4 off from Monday through Friday, we can meet all of your demands at any time of the week. Our transport services include curtain sider, Moving floor haulage, rigids with Moffet, contracts or Adhoc, Waste carry, and traction only.

We are excited to carry on growing Platts Transport into the future with ambitious plans to grow the fleet and carry on supporting the operations of our customers!   

If we can be of help with logistics for your business, please contact us to speak to our experienced team today!