Overhaul Planned for Wales’ 20mph speed limit

The Welsh Government has announced plans to overhaul the newly imposed 20mph speed limit in built-up areas such as village and town centres. But as the landscape of road regulation constantly evolves, Wales is gearing up for change once again, with its 20mph rule set to be overhauled in September 2024.

The current 20mph speed limit in Wales was introduced with the aim of improving road safety, particularly around schools and busy pedestrian zones. However, since its introduction last year, the rule as been met with a lot of criticism. And for haulage firms like ours, it has impacted delivery times and driver’s schedules, which has had a knock on effect on daily operations.

Reasons for 20mph speed limit overhaul:

Whilst the 20mph speed limit has garnered support from cyclists and toad safety advocates, the newly appointed Transport Secretary, Ken Skates has cited the need for more targeted application of the rule on appropriate roads. This comes in response to concerns about enforcement challenges.

Whilst it seems that the 20mph speed limit will remain, from September local councils will have a greater flexibility in determining which roads can revert to a 30mph limit. Guidance will be published this summer.

Impact on drivers and communities:

Some may anticipate improve flexibility and a smoother traffic flow, others have expressed a concern about the additional burden on councils and the potential expense of changing speed signs.

The proposed changes to overhaul the speed limits again could further impact haulage and logistics firms as they navigate the new rules and how they impact business.

As Wales prepares for the overhaul of its 20mph rule, the debate surrounding road safety and traffic regulations continues. What are your thoughts? Let us know on LinkedIn.